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Journal of Controversies in Biomedical Research (JCBMR) is a dedicated journal for the publication of negative, null, and contentious research findings and views. Usually these useful data do not get published. As a result, a wealth of scientific knowledge is lost to humanity. JCBMR serves as an avenue to publish these negative and null findings.  

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Current Issue

Vol 4 No 1 (2018): Journal of Controversies in Biomedical Research

Published: 2018-07-10

Original Articles

Lack of association in acne and salivary testosterone

David Fresnais, Edvin Ingberg, Elvar Theodorsson, Jakob O Ström
Abstract 399 | HTML Downloads 146 PDF Downloads 115 XML Downloads 153

Page 1-5

Immortalized HEK 293 Kidney Cell Lines as Models of Renal Cells: Friends or Foes?

Cesare Achilli, Annarita Ciana, Giampaolo Minetti
Abstract 289 | HTML Downloads 150 PDF Downloads 122 XML Downloads 181

Page 6-9

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