Composition: The editorial team consists of an editor-in-chief and an editorial board. The editorial team is selected based on qualifications and experience, not on gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity or any other personal attributes.

Term: The term of the editorial team is four years.

Qualifications: Anyone with appropriate qualifications (MBBS, MD, PhD or other relevant qualifications), experience in the field of biomedical sciences, and willing to complete any assigned tasks on time are welcome to join the editorial board.

Reviewing articles: As all editorial board members have active and demanding careers in academia and/or patient care, it is a policy of the journal not to overwhelm editorial board members with unnecessary workload. Therefore, the maximum number of articles required to be reviewed by an editorial board member per calendar year is four. The review needs to be completed within two weeks.

Special issues: Any member of the editorial team can initiate special issues and invite articles.
Promoting the journal: The editorial members are encouraged to promote the journal among their peers and at scientific conferences. For example, they can inform the library of their institution that this is an open access journal and that the contents are freely available. Also, they can provide a link to the journal on their websites.

Next steps: If you have appropriate qualifications and willing to meet the responsibilities, please contact [email protected] to discuss the next steps. Do not include any attachments, for example CV, at this stage. One of our editorial assistants will contact you to discuss the next steps.